The University of Melbourne and Macquarie University require specific prior studies (prerequisites) in relevant disciplines. Without the prerequisites, an applicant will not be eligible for selection by the University of Melbourne or Macquarie University.

This pre-requisite checker allows an applicant to check the list of assessed prerequisites to determine their eligibility to apply.

Using the Prerequisite Checker
  1. Prepare for checking your prerequisites by having on hand your academic record.
  2. Knowing the content of your studies, identify likely subjects for meeting the prerequisites (Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry).
  3. Use the subject locator (next step) to search for subjects you have completed. Note that Medicine and Dentistry share a list of prerequisites so if your subjects are approved for one field of study, then it/they will also be approved for the other field of study.
  4. If you have none of the approved subjects, then you can search for an approved subject to enrol in. Note that the subject must be completed by the end of the year in which you apply.

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