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Applications for Medicine at all GEMSAS medical schools and for Dentistry at The University of Melbourne are now closed for the 2018 intake. Please see the Optometry Admissions Guide for Optometry closing dates.

Shortly at 4pm today the application will be offline for about 15 minutes. Please save before then.

Make sure you submit your Medicine and Dentistry applications by 11.59pm AEST today, 31 May. You DO NOT need to complete payment at the time you submit. Payments must be completed by 5pm AEST, 5th June.

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After you have submitted your Application, you will be able to follow a link to the Deakin University payment system. The GAMSAT Consortium uses the Deakin University payment system to collect fees for all Applications.

You do not need to complete your payment at the time of submission, but must do so by 5pm AEST 5 June.

Supporting documents

If you apply for medicine at any GEMSAS medical school or Dentistry or Optometry at the University of Melbourne, and studied at a non-ARTS institution, you will need to post original official transcripts.

Note that this includes transcripts for exchange studies.